Intimidation, threats, and humiliation used to meet cotton quotas

(Berlin, November 21, 2017) — The head of the Parkent district administration of the Tashkent region, Nematulla Abdullaev, held a 45-minute meeting on November 1, 2017, during which he used abusive and insulting language to humiliate and intimidate the heads of organizations, enterprises, and community leaders for not sending enough people to pick cotton and meet quotas. An audiotape of this meeting was given to Radio Ozodlik (the Uzbek service of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty) by the head of an organization who took part in the meeting (transcript below and here for download).

“Despite some positive steps in 2017, the cotton system has not fundamentally changed,” said Umida Niyazova, director of the Uzbek-German Forum for Human Rights. “Officials like Abdullaev risk losing their jobs if they fail to fulfil cotton quotas and in turn threaten their subordinates to pressure them to work.”

On October 30, official media had reported that Prime Minister Abdulla Aripov announced the firings of Shukrullo Boboev, hokim (head of the administration) of the Tashkent region, and Ulugbek Uzakov, hokim of the Jizzakh region, for inflating the amount of cotton harvested in their districts in 2017. The head prosecutors of the same districts, Jamshid Fayziev and Shokhmukhamedbek Mukhamadjanov, were also dismissed from their positions.

During the November 1 meeting, Abdullaev, hokim of the Parkent district administration, mentioned these dismissals and demanded that officials use any means to meet cotton quotas.

According to the official who provided the audiotape, the district’s chief prosecutor and the head of the police were also present at the meeting. He said that Abdullayev questioned every official who had not sent enough people to pick cotton and accused them of tampering with reports on the cotton harvest, threatening, humiliating, and insulting them using deeply offensive language.

Cotton production in Uzbekistan has long relied on government-orchestrated systematic forced labor. In 2017, the Uzbek government has taken some steps to acknowledge and address forced labor, including recalling university students and some education and medical workers from the fields on September 22. It also introduced hotlines for workers through the Ministry of Labor and the Federation of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan (FTUU) as part of its agreement with the World Bank. The World Bank has acknowledged the risk of forced and child labor linked to its projects that benefit the agricultural sector in Uzbekistan and attached a series of mitigation measures, including the hotlines, to the terms and conditions of its finance agreement. The World Bank can suspend loans if there is credible evidence of violations of these conditions in project areas.

Despite these steps, independent monitoring by the Uzbek-German Forum during the 2017 harvest has exposed ongoing forced labor. The central government continues to require regional and district officials to meet cotton harvesting quotas. These officials, including Abdullaev of the Parkent district, forcibly mobilize public sector employees, people receiving public benefits, business owners, and others to harvest cotton or under threat of penalty or pay for the cost of replacement workers.

In early September, the head of a kindergarten in the Parkent region complained to Elena Urlaeva, a human rights activist who monitors forced labor, that Abdullaev required her to provide the district administration with a list of kindergarten staff who would pick cotton. According to the head of the kindergarten, FTUU representatives then visited her to accuse her of providing the information to Urlaeva, threatening her, and telling her to rescind her statement. Urlaeva then filed a complaint with the FTUU hotline regarding the situation. The FTUU told Urlaeva that it would investigate but no steps appeared to have been taken at the time of writing.

“Abdullaev’s abuse shows how much pressure local officials are under to force their staff to pick cotton,” said Niyazova. “The government needs not only to hold such officials to account, but undertake fundamental reform to end the abusive quota system that drives forced labor.”

Transcript of cotton meeting held by Nematulla Abdullaev, hokim of the Parkent district of Tashkent region

(November 1, 2017)


The transcript is based on an audio recording of the meeting provided by the head of an organization who was present and provided the recording to Ozodlik (the Uzbek service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty)

>>> Download the full PDF transcript here.

Warning: contains offensive language

Abdullaev: Are you hitting back now or what? I will disembowel you, any of you sluts. Whores, do you think you are allowed to do anything unless I say it, you sluts. Move your asses and make sure you send your people to pick cotton. Real people should pick cotton from now on! Stop tampering with reports and figures, fuck you, you sluts. I told you about this 50 times. You make promises like assholes. You go to the fields for five minutes and then tamper with reports, you whores.

It was mentioned at yesterday’s session. Here it is. It says that Parkent District also contributed to the dismissal of the governor and the chief prosecutor of the Tashkent Region from their posts, whores. It says they could not provide people to pick cotton, fuck you.

Have you read this or not? Those who were present at that meeting, read it out for them. Where is Zokir, the whore. A deputy, whore, and where is Dadamatov from a neighbourhood, the whore, who speaks about logistics like a dick.

It will be the same this year too. I’m telling you again, you whores. You all stay here. No one is leaving. Is it 17 minutes past ten pm? It is half past ten now. I will talk to you now. I do not care whether it is 9 or 10 o’clock at night, I will talk to you personally myself, so make sure your asses are clean, fuck you. You can shove your current reports up your asses.

You will bring your reports here, no matter whether it is ten or eleven o’clock at night. From now on, I will be receiving your reports myself. Sluts, this report says that 74 tons of cotton was transferred to Bakhtiyor, you sluts. In fact it is 41 tons. Is that right? Who are you deceiving, you sluts?

Go and ask Bakhtiyor! Here, you wrote to the president that there was no one from the prosecutor’s office, you whore. This is you, slut, you have no control, you whore. Why have you come here if you have not picked the daily required amount of cotton, you prick, you slut?

Why has he not come, you whore? Fuck you, you whore! You have also contributed to this, you whore, to the dismissal of the governor of the region, you whore, to the dismissal of the chief prosecutor.

You make empty promises, you whore. You are the head of a big enterprise, and why do you report that you have sent this number of people to pick cotton, you prick? Work if you can, if you can’t, fuck you, you whore.

Official №1: (tries to express objection) There were 20 people.

Abdullaev: You! Fuck you, you whore. Have your 20 people picked?… prick.

Official №1: What could I do if there is no cotton?

Abdullaev: You, suck my dick. I will fuck you in your cunt, fuck you, you whore. I will talk to you separately! I’m not the person you think I am. I will disembowel ten people like you and push your intestines back up your asses. Slut! What is this? You, prick, why am I sitting in the prosecutor’s office, in the district administration, fuck you, without sleeping at night? Why don’t you come here, you prick?

Official №1: I’m coming.

Abdullaev: Where is the leader, whore, show me, you whore. Where are those 20 people?

Official №1: There is the unit leader.

Abdullaev: Where is he?

Official №1: He is here with me…

Abdullaev: Where? Suck my dick.

Where is the leader of your unit?

Official №1: Kholmurod is here…

Abdullaev: Where is your Kholmurod? You will show me how much cotton you have picked, you whore, you slut. You behave yourself. Did you hear me? You should be where you are supposed to be, fuck you, as of yesterday, you will answer for everything. Criminal proceedings have been launched against four people, including the head of the Bekobod district administration, the prosecutor and chief of police. It’s because of turds like you, you whore. For not picking cotton. The governor and chief prosecutor of the region have been dismissed from their posts, you whore! And you are enjoying yourselves wearing nice clothes, fuck you, you whore. What the fuck have you been doing in Tashkent, you whore?

Official №2: I was not in Tashkent.

Abdullaev: Hey, fuck you. I was waiting for you at ten minutes to ten. Slut, you came at half past ten. Sit down!

Who is here from the college?

Official №3: I am

Head of district administration: Where are the rest, hey, whore?

Official №3: (calls for someone) Bakhtiyor!

Abdullaev: Why are you late? Why are you late? Yesterday there was nothing because of you prick, you whore. Hey you, twit. Did you think you could get away with that? I will tear your asse to pieces. What time should you have come?

Official №4: At ten…

Abdullaev: Why are you late? There are compromising materials against you all, if you like, fuck you, whore. When the prosecutor comes, I will fuck any of you in your cunt, you whores. Where are the rest?

Official №4: (Attempts to explain)

Abdullaev: Why have you come, you prick? I told you at seven o’clock in the morning. It takes one-and-a-half hours to travel to Parkent, whore. Sit down! Is everything clear with colleges? You report that one-and-a-half tons of cotton has been picked, but in fact it is 700 kilos?

Official №5: It is one-and-a-half tons in the report, but there are reductions.

Abdullaev: Hey, man, I don’t care. I was told that you were ill. I don’t give a fuck. The six of you sit here and report to me. 74 people are picking cotton. Yesterday you reported that you picked three tons. In reality it was 700 kilos, at most, you slut. Should there not be one-and-a-half tons? If there are 74 people, they will pick that number of kilos even if they are blind, you motherfucker. There is no more first harvest. Everyone is picking the second harvest, you slut.

Abdullaev: Hello. (Answers a phone call) Farkhod Ibragimovich, I’m at a meeting.

Official №5: I visited the place myself yesterday. We will do our best.

Abdullaev: Hey, you do your best. I had huge respect for you, my friend.

Official №5: I know that. Everything is clear to me….

Abdullaev: I do not need tampered figures in your reports, you whores. I will disembowel any one of you for that. It seems that you don’t know me well yet, you whores. I spent the whole night listening to reprimands and writing a letter of explanation, you whores. You were all sleeping, you sluts, kissing your wives at home, you whores. I’ll have a conversation with you in a different place! If you don’t work till late at night, you whores, I will talk to you here, fuck you, whores. Fuck you all, whores. You say this many people have come to pick cotton? Fuck you, you whores. Instead you should have picked 30 kilos each. Fuck you, you whores.

You whores, here is the country’s Tax Committee with us, day and night. You whores, I counted them myself yesterday, whores, none of you were there, you pricks, you whores. You are all tampering with numbers, sluts, whores.

If 200 people pick 30 kilos each, it will be six tons of cotton. This is your task. If you don’t fulfill this, there will be a different conversation. Write it down that they should collect six tons of cotton.

Abdullaev: Do you have one neighborhood?

Official №6: 2 …

Abdullaev: You answer for yourself.

Official №6: We agreed… equally…

Abdullaev: That means together with the neighborhood it is 2,800 kilos.

Official №6: Yesterday you said that you are a man, I have done 1,000 tons.

Abdullaev: What do you mean by that? Should I show you my dick, my manly pride? Or should I fuck one or two of you? You are reporting 2,800 kilos. You’ll make it four tons. I do not care. Conditionally [total weight before deductions for debris and moisture] it will be four tons. For colleges, it is also conditionally four tons. We will be talking based on this, you whores. Is it clear to you? You will all come here! (bangs on the table) I will sit here with you whores till the morning, fuck you, you whores.

You make it clear for yourselves! You will bring two neighborhoods together, fuck you. If you do not do this, you will see that I also started fucking. I have been receiving phone calls from the Directorate for Compulsory Execution of Orders [Bailiff department] about farmers in the Buka district [in the Tashkent region]. They are fucking those whores by confiscating their cars. They all have Nexia cars, their number plates are being reported to the traffic police, fuck you. Zarkent [a city in the Tashkent region], … prick, whore, together with their neighborhoods is picking one ton of cotton. What is this? The owners of houses have been paid, they drank vodka, the pricks, but nothing has been done. If this is true, I’ll fuck them all, the whores, no matter who they are. You should collect five tons. If not, I will disembowel you, you whores. Where are the people from the Zarkent neighborhoods?

Official №7: There is no one from those neighborhoods…

Abdullaev: I will fuck these four neighborhoods in their cunts, the whores. Where is that young man called Fahriddin? Is he here? Why didn’t you tell me this yesterday?

Official №8: I told you…

Abdullaev: It is five tons! Have I made it clear to you, otherwise I’ll shove it up your ass. You have been reporting to Akrom and Bakhtiyor that you are picking 20 tons. You can shove it up your ass, fuck you, you whores. You will bring two batches in the evening, you whores.

Hey you, I have my family, two children. And you ask me whether I am a man! Tell me if you are not a man or gay, that you are gay, you whores.

Bakhmal [place in Parkent district], your report says it is 460 kilos of cotton. Where is your neighborhood?

Official №9: They are coming, on their way. We are finding out who is who here…

Abdullaev: I’m telling you, you cannot say that there is no cotton, you whores, no one is saying that. I’m not asking you to feed them. You just pick 100 kilos of cotton. Your report says that 700 kilos were picked, 700 kilos out of one ton. I’ll talk to him later when he comes at noon.  Buston [place in Parkent district]. Where are the neighborhood leaders? Have they gone to fuck their wives or what?

Official №10: He went to the dentist to get a tooth out…

Abdullaev: You can suck my dick for telling me this – that he has gone to get his tooth out. He will sleep till morning. People will think I’m a drug-addict, you whores. You must pick five tons!

Official №11: There are 100 people. We are unable to pick that amount of cotton. Three tons…

Abdullaev: Five tons! And shut up, assholes, fuck you, you whores. You will see, there are eight districts in the Tashkent Region and many people will be jailed in all of them, you whores. They will all be taken to the main cotton headquarters and simply fucked. If I tell the prosecutor, he would summon two policemen and they will literally fuck you.

All your asses are in shit, you whores. You pick cotton, whores, if you cannot do anything else.

It has been four days, just fulfill the plan, fuck you, you whores, if you cannot do it, then fuck off from here, you whores. What the fuck you are doing in Parkent if you are an asshole? Five tons. Road construction department. Why have you been deceiving us for three days now? Yesterday I sent someone to the fields. He counted the number of people. The tax committee and prosecutor also counted – there were only two people?

Official №12: Nemat aka [term of respect], I brought people yesterday.

Abdullaev: Hey, fuck your people, fuck them if they do not pick cotton, the whores.

Official №12: We picked 250 kilos that afternoon.

Abdullaev: There are 60 people, you should pick two tons, otherwise there are compromising files against you in the prosecutor’s office!

Deputy head of district administration (or the prosecutor): I will file the case, fuck you, you whore. I have not been doing this for the sake of humanity.

Official №12: Today I will make sure that 100 percent of our people are there. We will collect the required amount of cotton as well.

Deputy head of district administration (or the prosecutor): It should be three tons, is it clear to you?

Official №12: No, Dilshod aka. People cannot pick this amount of cotton.

Deputy head of district administration (or the prosecutor): No, 30 kilos for every person. Do you think you are in a market to bargain? It is three tons, done!

Abdullaev: The Parkent district health directorate reports that yesterday 20 people picked 400 kilos, but in reality it is 200 kilos.

Official №13: The cotton yield has decreased.

Abdullaev: Have the mice eaten it or what? The health directorate will be picking one ton. Otherwise things will change; my signature means a lot.

Deputy head of district administration: Go and find people to pick cotton.

Abdullaev: I don’t care, fuck you. If you cannot bring people, then go and hire them, fuck you, you whores. I don’t care, fuck you. They demand tons from me. I’m only 52 years old and I have not seen a urologist yet, whereas you are assholes and gays. They are asking me whether I am a man, you whores. You can be there with me and answer the questions too.

Deputy head of district administration:  Entrepreneurs. One of the reports says 400 kilos and the other says 200 kilos…

Abdullaev: Where is Ulugbek? If you fail to make it five tonnes you will find yourself in a cunt I’m warning you. You will see today, just don’t try it. It is cunt … , cunt… cunt. Just don’t try it, sluts, you whores. Where is that swindler, the head of the market?

Official № 14: It was the end of the month…

Head of district administration: Kiss my dick. Today is the first day of the month. Bring him here, fuck you, you asshole. Bring him here, fuck you.  Fuck you in your ass, you’re a whore. Tell him that the head of the district administration will fuck him, a whore, a slut.

Norak [place name], where are the rest?

Official № 15: They went to…

Abdullaev: What the fuck are they doing there? As I have already said, there is no discipline. If there is no discipline for a year or two, there will not be a prick here. You will see, you whores. They will all be looking for excuses. If any one of you does not come at eight o’clock this evening, you whores, that person will be dismissed. Two [presumably organizations] are reporting that they picked 1,100 kilos. How many people are there?

Official № 15: There are a total of 300 people.

Abdullaev: If that is so, it should be nine tons of cotton for each. Then why is it 1,000 kilos for each here? If you don’t make four tons, it will be cunt for you. It is four tons, fuck you, and I don’t care. Go and pay from your own pocket, hire people, otherwise you will be fucked in your dick! Pay them one million soum, fuck you. Pay those who are picking cotton, I don’t need a penny. Come in. Everybody in the district should pick 450 kilos of cotton in 15 days. Why are you late? You are reporting in the evenings that you pick 500 kilos of cotton, which is not true.

Official № 16: I came here at half past nine.

Abdullaev: How many people do you have?

Official № 16: 15.

Abdullaev: Why is it not 20? Tell Salokhiddin! I will tear your dick to pieces, you whore. You report that you are picking 500 kilos of cotton, in fact it is not even 100 kilos. You know that 20 people should pick 30 kilos each. You should make it 600 kilos.

Navbahor [place name], where is it? We used to attend telephone-meetings together with your Dilshod aka and listen to insults when he was the head of the district administration, you whore. Is that right? Do you not understand this? If you fail to meet the required amount of cotton today, the conversation with you will be different. I don’t care, fuck you. Bring your own people, tell farmers, fuck you, you whores.

If not today, then tomorrow you will hear a report that criminal proceedings have been launched against the head of the district administration, you whores. Do you have any conscience at all, whores? What is the fault of the head of the district administration and the prosecutor? What I would like to say is, hey, Abdullaniyoz, we, the people of Parkent, have disgraced them. Fuck you. It is four tons – I will be personally receiving the reports myself. I don’t care if any of you fail to make it, fuck you. I will start receiving reports from eight o’clock. You bring your reports and then go home and sleep. If not, the conversation will be different. I will tell the prosecutor. I know all 15 units very well. They will take you to a place and lock you up there, and you will see what will happen then.

The town-building directorate. You were supposed to send 60 people and pick 1,800 kilos of cotton. It was 1,200 kilos.

Yesterday there was one person, do you understand? I told you that he studied together with the governor of the region. You are a slut. You have also contributed to this [apparently meaning the removal of the governor from his post]. You got people fired for this, you prick. You should make it 1,800 kilos.

Abdullaev [speaks on the phone]: Hello…

Deputy head of district administration: Let us continue… Is that Mahmud aka? Where is Mahmud?

Official №17: Mahmud aka is not here, Shuhrat aka is here. I have just called him. He is coming.

Deputy head of district administration: Why is he not here if you have called him?

Official №17: He is on his way…

Deputy head of district administration: The Parkent district agricultural firm and Karakalpak, the whore. I am being reprimanded every day because of you. Because you are not picking cotton. This is all because of you. Hey, whore… [Abdullaev returns]

Abdullaev: The town-building directorate. 1,800 kilos – you will not be paid for the net weight. You will be paid for what the factory receives, is that clear? You will report what the factory received. 600 kilos, 20 people and 30 kilos each. You and Otabek will also sit here, no matter if it takes three days or four days!

Sewerage. You will keep 30 people right here. Have you got that or not? The education department… [inaudible] … or not. One and a half and one point nine… is it four…

Deputy head of district administration: Go and call… (inaudible)…

Abdullaev: Then here are 600, which is five tons. Right, five tons are not enough! Your share will be eight tons! Two tons and two tons. Here, the education department should collect a total of eight tons. You three will do it together! You understand this or not? Sit down! Where is that… [inaudible]? Has he not come?

Official: Parkent… [inaudible], he has gone to the village.

Abdullaev: What is he doing there, the prick…?

Official: He said he would come soon…

Abdullaev: Really! You report that you picked 1,200 kilos yesterday. Here is the order. You should collect four tons. If you fail to collect 4 tons, you have only yourself to blame. Cunts…. I am telling you the truth! You will come here in the evening and you will bring me four tons! If not, you have only yourself to blame. You got it?

Official: Sure…

Abdullaev: Karakalpak. You reported about one ton of cotton.

Official: Earlier…

Abdullaev: Fuck it, I don’t care…. How old are you?

Official: 53.

Abdullaev: Comrade, would you like to taste that, asshole… together with the head of the chairman of that neighborhood or what? He can hand in his resignation. We will issue the order too, but first we will inspect his activities and then let him go. The head of the regional administration is telling us that you will not only be dismissed! The same will be applied to Karakalpak. If you wish to see our might [bangs on the table]! I will summon four or five people. I have people who are able to take you to a special place, whore…! Assholes.., you just sit here quietly, fuck you…. Where is that person who had gone to Parkent, the whore…?

Omonboev. The same to you. You are reporting that you picked 1,200 kilos together with the neighborhood. You will make it four tons, comrade.  Why are you late?

Officials: We couldn’t…

Abdullaev: Why couldn’t you? What am I supposed to do now? I told you at 7 o’clock in the morning, now it‘s 11 o’clock, you whore…

No one is going back home. I will be in the reception myself in the evening. You will collect two tons and you will bring another two tons as well. Zovodsky [apparently a production facility]. You all sit down! Is it clear to you, Fazliddin aka, fuck it, I don’t care…. You bring your own money and pay those who are picking cotton…. The prosecutor went to your area yesterday and fixed everything for you. Has he told you? 20 people were presented with 15 rugs, mobile phones and cash. In fact, you and that guy should have done it, you slut…. You are enjoying yourselves and kissing your wives, you whores…. You will collect four tons…

Official: We cannot…

Abdullaev: I said four tonnes, four tons! Otherwise, I’m telling you! I am telling you all officially! From 8 o’clock in the evening, the prosecutor and the police chief will be here with me. I will be receiving you here one by one. All of you will wait outside, you will come in one by one. Your report says 1,600 kilos. You will collect five tons – with two of your neighborhoods and the agricultural firm, five tons. If you fail to make five tons, you only have yourselves to blame!

Official: If we were alone… [mumbles something… inaudible]

Deputy head of district administration: How many times have I told you!

Abdullaev: Shut up and sit quiet, asshole… fuck you… whore…! Shut up! Do you have money up your ass…, then bring it, fuck you…! Then you will say that this 30,000 [soum] is coming from you, picking 30 kilos of cotton. I don’t care, fuck you…, fuck you… whore…!

Now you. 900 kilos. The agricultural firm, 300 kilos, neighborhood 500 kilos. At 8 o’clock in the evening all four of you will come here and show me how much four people have picked.

Madaniyat [place name]. You say you have 167 people and you picked 2,047 kilos yesterday. You say there are 190-167 people. If 167 people pick 30 kilos of cotton each, how much will it be? It should be 5,100 kilos. You distribute these 190 people to organizations and it should be five tons.  If not, you will be fucked… Is it clear to you?

You will all come together in the evening. You will bring the amount that I have told you. I do not care where you have half a person, whether you are alive or dead, I don’t give a fuck…, fuck you….If you have one person, you will bring 30 kilos [bangs on the table]! If you have two people, it should be 60 kilos. If you have ten people, it should be 300 kilos. Sit!

Disorganized [unemployed] people. How many people do you have?

Official: 60

Abdullaev: 60?  Fuck…, Your organizations are disorganized, you are pigs…! That day you said it was 30 people, you whore…, we booked a bus and brought it for you. You said there were 70 people, but you brought 30. Where are the rest?

Official: Half of them went to have a rest today… and I have sent…

Abdullaev: What will that person do?

Official: He will bring people.

Abdullaev: Yesterday you picked 1,800 kilos. Your share is three tons. You got it?

Official: Didn’t we report three tons?

Deputy head of district administration: No, 1,170 kilos

Abdullaev: Agrobank (referring to the chairman of the agricultural bank). Is he not here? District Department of Defense. How many people?

Official: 26.

Abdullaev: Did we not discuss this the day before yesterday?

Official: Buka дistrict asked to send 40 people yesterday…

Abdullaev: Hey, what a prick Buka is…! whore…What a prick Buka is… If 26 people pick 30 kilos each, it will be 1,300 kilos. How many people do you have? If you have 13 people, then it is 400 kilos. You got it?

Deputy head of district administration: How much did you pick yesterday?

Abdullaev: 8, 13, 22, 12, 24, 34, 35, 41, 49, 53, 57  – altogether will be 80 tons. It will be exactly 80 tons. You will do this… Hey, you errr…. Zarkent [place name]… What are you laughing at? Am I showing you my prick …? What is funny? What are you laughing at here?

Official: When did I laugh…

Abdullaev: Yes, you are laughing, everyone saw it.  Did you not laugh? Were you crying then? You, four of you. I have just told you your new task is about five tons. You, four of you will harvest these five tons. Otherwise, you have only yourselves to blame. Sit down.

I don’t care what you say. As of today, there will cleansing in Parkent. If any neighborhood, fulfills the target, I might forgive them. You can do five kilos more – that’s okay too.

Official: Hello.

Abdullaev: Why are you late?  I am telling you too, if you have one person in Madaniyat [place name], you should turn in 30 kilos, at 8 o’clock in the evening.You, come here, report to me that you have fulfilled 100 percent of the required amount. Thank you, you can go home. If you fail, you will have to meet the consequences as from today. You listen to me: I am a man. You will be asked such questions. The head of the region spoke to me this morning and asked whether you are men. You promised that. If you do not bring the required number of kilos, he will ask why.

What should I say then? Should I tell him [the regional hokim] that I have pricks here..? Should I show it to him or what? Sluts…. You come here and more than half of you cry. Abdurasul aka, do you have anything to say?

Official 1: Everything has already been said here. It is true that five days are left. We cannot say here what we have heard there. If there is no cotton, tell us. We will take you there where there is cotton.

Abdullaev: You cannot say there is no cotton. You will pick 30 kilos from anywhere you like until there is only one single cotton seed left. It is enough to pick 50 kilos, and when cleaned it will be 30 kilos. Why don’t you pick it, fucking, whore… in Parkent? What type of cotton are you dreaming of? You look for it a day before, fuck.., Look for the field, whore…, look for it, fuck…. If there is no cotton, then look for another field where you can pick five tons of cotton, fuck…

Official 1: We do not have enough people. Just calculate this… when we pick 6.5 tons of cotton, it is 1,300 kilos after it is cleaned. We should increase the number of people. If there are no people, this means we will not be able to pick the required amount of cotton. I have mobilized all staff from the tax department. 24 people will go to 24 deployments. They will sign the required paper and confirm the number of people. They will write down the number of people who have come from Parkent and the Fergana Valley…

Abdullaev: What are you laughing at, you, neighborhood chief? How old are you?

Official 2: I am 58.

Head of district administration: You are 58 and you are laughing. Whore… You should stay here, fuck… You go there at 9 o’clock in the evening and then at 5 o’clock in the morning. You will hear what they say.

Official 2: Why me, I have done nothing.

Abdullaev: You have come to a meeting and you are laughing, you whore….

Official 1: If you are 58 years old, then you are one year older than us. We have also heard…

Abdullaev: Any questions? We have to make it till the end, comrades! Anyone who is fired, will be fired due to his own guilt and will be punished because of his tongue. I attended a session yesterday. The first deputy governor of the region said that these districts are to blame for the dismissal of Shukrullo Kholboyev [hokim of the Tashkent region] and the chief prosecutor and that Parkent district could not provide people. He said they could not even bring a prick…. He mentioned another district too. He said that Kibray district also failed to send [enough] people to pick cotton. You are a law unto yourselves, you sluts…. You say in the morning telephone conference that you agree to everything. Hey you, sluts…, you cut your tongue off and stick it up your asses…. They will fuck you so hard there, if that’s what you want…. Hey you, I have seen many things in my life. Your arses… will not survive, whores…. One day you will say that you should have picked 100 tons of cotton. You are only sure of yourselves here. Is everything clear to everyone? As I said earlier, we all come here at 8 o’clock in the evening and check the number of kilos that I have told you. It is 12 minutes past 11 now. You have seven hours till 5 o’clock. If you have money, you can hire people, take them to any cotton field and bring the picked cotton to me! You will report to me one day before and come back the next day. If you have no more questions, you can go now.

Deputy head of district administration: Let the heads of deployments stay, others can go.