The human rights situation in Uzbekistan will be discussed at the 114th Session of the Human Rights Committee on July 8 – 9 in Geneva.

The Human Rights Committee’s list of issues for discussion includes  tolerance, non-discrimination, gender rights, fredom of expression and peacefully assembly, freedom of conscience, elimination of slavery,  fair trial, rights of people deprived of their liberty, and the prohibition of torture.

An Uzbek government delegation consisting of Islam Jasimov (Office of the Prosecutor General), Evgeniya Lankevitch (Ministry of Interior), Shakhnoza Yakubjanova (Ministry of Justice) and Dilnoza Muratova (National Human Rights Center) will present its replies regarding the human rights situation in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan has already submitted written replies to the list of issues, which is available in Russian here.

The Uzbek-German Forum for Human Rights and the Human Rights Alliance of Uzbekistan have presented an alternative report regarding the human rights situation in the country. The full version of the report is available here.