Uzbekistan has consistently failed to deal with the problem of institutionalized torture in the country. This has been criticized by international human rights organizations on a continuous basis. But instead of reacting to the criticism by fighting the problem and bringing the perpetrators to justice, Uzbek authorities are adopting new laws, creating more formal commissions, printing brochures with the main provisions of the UN Convention against Torture and blaming civil activists for venality. In other words, they are doing everything to avoid taking serious steps to stop institutionalized torture.

People are not aware of the severe human rights violations and injustices taking place in Uzbekistan on a daily basis. However, the most important step towards making a change and raising awareness about the institutionalized system of torture in the country is speaking out! In the third episode of UGF’s documentary series, we talk to the family members of victims of torture to find out what is really going on.

Photo: Human Rights activist, Elena Urlayeva