One of our main goals is to develop more sustainable projects that will directly contribute to and favour a future free of forced labour. In this respect The Freedom Collection Campaign is one of our most important contributions. The aim of the Freedom Collection Campaign (FCC) is to raise awareness about the problem of systematic forced child labour in Uzbekistan’s cotton sector. In collaboration with other NGOs (Open Society Institute, Environmental Justice Foundation, European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights), we intend to provide the consumer with information about textile companies using Uzbek cotton in their production line. The boycott by the consumer can lead major textile companies to remove Uzbek cotton from their supply chains, thus administering pressure on the government of Uzbekistan to change its policies.

The awareness campaign will be implemented through the Freedom Collection (FC): a fairtrade clothing line produced entirely from fair trade fabrics, standing for the fight against forced and child labour in Uzbekistan. We thus not only aim to expand the boycott of Uzbek cotton, but also provide the consumer with a fairtrade alternative. By fairtrade we understand the international fairtrade standards for cotton production as set by the international certification body Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO).

The profits gained from the sale of the collection will go in support of UGF and its work.

If you would like to purchase one of our t-shirts or wish to get further information about The Freedom Collection Campiagn, please contact Filippa at

T-shirts cost 18 Euros each and are available in sizes S, M & L for women and sizes M & L for men.